24-Year Old High School Dropout Turned Multi-Millionaire Confesses…

His Multi-Million Dollar Consulting Secrets

Learn out how he gets companies begging to pay him tens of thousands of dollars per month… while he works as much or as little as he chooses and plots his next million from his high-rise apartment at the top!


"I didn't know what to expect when we started working with Gallant. It turns out, Gallant has the most cutting-edge techniques I've seen on building successful businesses!”

Kristina Stephens
Superior Consulting

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" I thought I had tried every possible method to boost our revenue, but nothing worked. Then I hired Gallant and applied his methods... and my revenue doubled almost overnight. ”

John Moore
Austin Marketing and Sales

Sick of seeing “icons” get rich while you struggle through your 9-5 job living paycheck to paycheck, wondering what you’re doing wrong?

Imagine the looks on the faces of your family and friends when you pull up in your Maserati at your new penthouse apartment, making tens of thousands of dollars per month and working just a few hours per day.

Hey guys, Gallant Dill here.

I’m a 24-year old high school dropout turned multi-millionaire. And I’m here to tell you that

it doesn’t matter where you came from… it matters where you decide you’re going. Just look at me. If you heard my backstory, you probably would have predicted that I would end up in jail instead of making millions:
  • I’ve got tattoos covering my arms
  • I dropped out of high school in my second year when I was just 17, with only 5 high school credits to my name
  • I have no drivers license to this day 
  • I’ve spent more time in a jail cell than I have in the classroom
  • I was homeless in my teens
  • I was placed in a lockdown facility at age 14

My parents thought I was a failure. My friends thought I would end up a crook. Everyone around me thought that I was doomed for a life of living at the bottom and feeding off the success of others, never achieving my own.

Boy, were they wrong.

Here’s a small list of what I’ve accomplished since dropping out of high school at age 17:

  • I’ve started a dozen companies
  • I’ve reached multimillionaire status several times
  • Products I’ve created from the ground up are on the shelves of some of the largest retailing giants in the world, including Walmart
  • I’ve worked with some of the world’s most renowned billionaires, including Mark Cuban of Shark Tank
  • I’ve worked with some of the world’s most celebrated music artists, including Soulja Boy and Justin Bieber
  • I’ve produced music for some of the world’s largest companies, including DirectTV
  • I’m a published author
  • I’ve built online audiences to a million followers and beyond many times
  • I was named Austin’s Life Coach of the Year this year, above huge names who’ve been in the business for years
  • I was named number 3 in Influencive’s Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30

And here’s the best part… I wake up whenever I want, I do whatever I want, and I have an incredibly happy life.

But it wasn’t always this way.

My Awe-Inspiring Journey From Broke Kid to Multi-Millionaire

But then it happened...

I remember back when I started my first company, an energy pill called Moll3. Way back then, success seemed like an impossible dream. I worked all day every day, making almost no money, and struggled to pay rent each month for my tiny apartment in north Austin.

I almost gave up many times. I remember banging my head against the wall when I couldn’t find distributors for my product. I remember trying to sell household items to make enough money for food.

But whenever things got tough, I thought about the rewards of being successful. I pictured what it would feel like to make my dreams a reality. When I thought like this, I always decided that there was no way I was ever going back to the life I came from.

So I kept hustling and trying to get my product into stores…. And eventually, I hit it big. I got Moll3 in stores nationwide, landed celebrity endorsements like Soulja Boy, and built a following of over a million followers.

In fact, I hit it so big that within 6 months I had a deal on the table to sell my company for half a million dollars…. And at the time I was just 21.

In my mind I had made it. In just a few days when I closed this deal, I was going to be living in penthouses, throwing expensive parties, buying fancy sports cars, and doing whatever I wanted. I was ready to cash out and live the high life.

But then it happened.

The company that wanted to buy Moll3 backed out. They changed their mind overnight and took the deal off the table.

They were my last option. When they backed out, so did other companies that were considering buying Moll3. In an instant, my company was dead in the water.

With this deal viciously ripped away from me I realized that I didn’t even have enough money in my bank account for rent. I had spent so much money on growing my company for acquisition, and spent so little on savings or on myself, I was $200 short.

I was completely devastated. I sat on my floor and cried for hours, wondering where I went wrong. This empire that I built was crumbling to the ground before my eyes, and the life of my dreams was crumbling with it.

I was done. I was ready to give up completely.

But… for some crazy reason, I did the opposite.

To this day I still can’t explain it. It was almost magical. It was like something deep inside my head, “You’ve come this far. What’s keeping you from going even further?”

I looked at myself in the mirror and said, “Gallant, you are going to make it to the top no matter what. This is your fucking destiny.”

That night, I started sending emails. I sent emails to dozens and dozens of companies, telling them my story and asking if they wanted help with their products or business.

I stayed up all night long writing these emails. I was a man on fire.

By morning, I had my first client. They offered to pay me $1,500 per month to help get their products into stores.

And with that deal, I was off and running.

This One Simple Decision To Chase My Dreams Changed My Life Forever

I called my company Gallant Business Consulting, and within two months I had landed contracts with a dozen companies to help them get their products into stores and build massive followings on social media.

And all of a sudden, things changed. I didn’t worry about rent anymore. I had plenty of money for food.

I was a changed man.

In the next few months, I started a few more consulting companies including SEO Media Wire and InStore Connection. I started helping companies with web development, social media, branding, and everything from A-Z that a product business needs.

And I felt more alive than ever before. I remember waking up one morning at 10 am without an alarm clock, the warm sun streaming through the windows, and feeling so immensely grateful for the dream life I had created.

I helped dozens of products get into stores like Whole Foods, Circle K, Target, Kmart and Walmart. I helped my clients earn a combined total of over $10 million in revenue within just a few short months of founding InStore Connection.

Fast forward to today, and I run multiple successful consulting companies with ownership shares in a dozen more. I make tens of thousand of dollars each month (this month I did just over $85k, which is fairly average) and as I write this I’m sitting at my high rise apartment in Austin, Texas, one of the best cities in the world. I love my life.

One of my favorite moments happened a few months ago when I had a new 70 inch flatscreen TV installed on my wall. See, back when I was in jail I had taken an anger management class… and when I opened the door, I saw one of my fellow classmate convicts in front of me, holding my TV.

He almost dropped the damn thing in shock.

The kid who had been in jail with me now stood in front of him in a gorgeous 20th floor apartment, installing a new flat screen TV while his beautiful girlfriend slept in the bedroom and breakfast cooked on the stove.

I didn’t know it was possible for someone’s jaw to drop so low.

What he said next made me ever happier.

“I guess the teacher was completely wrong about you.”

I’ve come from a troubled teen to a multi-millionaire living at the top of the world.

And to be perfectly honest, I could be making a lot more money. But I’m happy with the amount that I’m making right now, so I turn down clients that would bring in more dough if they would sacrifice my lifestyle.

Because I’ve perfected a system that allows me to work as much or as little as I want while earning tens of thousands of dollars per month.

And I’m going to give it to you.

Yes, you.

I’m going to hand you on a golden platter the system that has taken me years and years of blood, sweat and tears to perfect and hone to the point where I’m raking in as much cash as I want while living my ideal lifestyle.


Module 1 - Figuring Out Your Niche

  • How to pick your niche... the Gallant way
  • How to package, price and position your services so that companies will happily pay you $1,500-$2,500 per month right off the bat
  • The branding strategy that turned a 24-year-old dropout into a media mogul and icon
  • A pre-validated idea list for profitable businesses
  • Done-for-you proposal templates, so you just plug in your business name and services and you’re ready to go
  • How to form an LLC or DBA and and arrange legal side of your business

Module 2 - Closing the Deal

  • How to build your game plan before you get on the phone
  • Exact scripts from over 1,000 consultations and 3 different consulting companies that I’ve owned
  • My Short, Sweet and Simple system that gets clients begging to hop on the phone. This system has take 1,000’s of emails to hone down and gets amazing response rates
  • Examples of how to close the deal
  • How to accept cards and take online payment
  • How to close the client on the first couple of calls

Module 3 - How to Find Your Audience (Building Your Clientele)

  • 7 proven client recruitment strategies
  • How to generate an endless stream of leads and clients
  • The #1 mistake people make when recruiting clients

Module 4 - The Lead Hub (Your Business Community)

  • How to keep up with your leads and close them at just the right time… (hint: most people jump a day or two early and lose the client)
  • Tools and software for keeping up with your clients
  • How to manage a massive group of leads and clients without getting stressed… and have all the free time and relaxation you could want

Module 5 - Creating Successful Marketing Campaigns

  • How to instantly connect with people in a way that sells your services without you even trying
  • How to use Facebook networking to bring in new clients
  • Using Facebook ads to generate new clients while you sleep
  • How to form partnerships that increase your revenue
  • Generating references and referrals
  • The Gallant Approach… my trademark secret for explosive marketing in the first three weeks of starting a business

Module 6 - The Final Steps To The Top

  • How to take your marketing and branding to the next level once you have a steady stream of clients
  • How to appear in magazines, podcasts, and stories (hint: it’s easier than you think once you gain a little bit of credibility)
  • Revamping your image and site to attract higher profile clients
  • How to crank the wheel and keep closing more clients and making more cash each month while you do less and less work

This is the same material that Gallant’s personal mentoring clients pay tens of thousands of dollars to access, and is easily worth over $10,000.

  • Copy of Gallant’s first book (when it’s released), “Views from the Top,” where he tells the never-before-published story of how he came to arrive at the top and the hard-learned lessons that allowed him to succeed
  • Access to Gallant’s personal mastermind community with millionaires and CEO’s


    Value = $5,000


  • A year of personal mentoring from Gallant himself, through Gallant’s personal cell phone number.

    Value = $10,000+

  • You read that right. The first people to join this course get Gallant’s cell number. You’ll never hear “icons” sitting on a mountaintop do this… but Gallant takes care of his community. (Limited availability… Gallant charges $500+ per hour and you’re getting 1-on-1 mentoring access for free.)

This material is worth around $15,997 to my coaching clients and a typical discount would put it down to $5997. But I'm not going to give you a typical discount... I'm going to give you an insane discount.

The Most Insane Deal I’ve Ever Offered… This Would Lose Me Money If I Did It In Business

Let’s take a look at what this would cost you if you went to business school. A top business school costs $100k+ for a year of schooling, and you still don’t get all the skills you need to start you own consulting business. You still won’t know the first thing about getting clients on your own and growing your own business from the ground up.

You could also read books until you’re blue in the face… but I wouldn’t recommend this either. I’ve read exactly three books in my entire life. In fact, I’ve often wondered why people weren’t succeeding and then when I talk to them I realize they’re spending all their time reading instead of working towards their dreams.

Or you could go out and try everything yourself. This is what I did. And it works. It will take you years of blood and sweat, but eventually you might crack the code and learn to build consulting businesses like I did. But you might be 35 by then… and who wants to wait that long to start making real money? If I could go back in time and have somebody hand me this exact system on a silver platter, I sure as hell would.

Instead, you can pay a thousand bucks and get my proven system for building a profitable consulting business from scratch. I have no reason to be offering the course for this cheap… the material inside is the same material that I teach my $10,000+ mentoring clients.

In fact, I get dozens of emails per day begging to buy this course. I could raise the price any day (and probably will one day wake up and double the price... because I’m nearly giving it away for free).

But for now I want to get the word out and let the action-takers join first and start building their dream businesses and lives..

So basically, at this point you have two options in your life.

Option 1: You can exit this page, go back to your normal life, and keep doing what you’ve been doing. You can keep spending every day dreaming about owning your own business and taking action, but never actually doing anything to make your dreams a reality.

Or you can work really hard without this course, spend years to figure it own on your own, and then realize that you could have spent those years doing something ever better.

In short, you can exit this page and with it exit the life of your dreams. I’m not saying you won’t ever succeed… you just won’t ever quite reach the level of success you could with an elevator to the top.

Option 2: You can join this course. You can take action just once and do something to make your dreams a reality.

No more sitting on your couch wondering if your life could be different. No more watching “icons” get richer while you keep living paycheck to paycheck. No more weekdays spent hating your 9-5 job and wondering how you can create a better life.

Instead, you’ll be closing multi-thousand dollars business deals, working with high-end clients and building the life of your dreams.

So I want you to make a decision today for the rest of your life.

Are you going to keep doing what you’ve always been doing?

Or are you going to step on my one-way jet to the top?

"Gallant Helped Me Build A $10,000+ Per Month Business In One Month)"

Please note that there are no refunds

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